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There’s something about the country that brings a natural calm to the crazy of life. Rolling down a gravel road with the windows down, clean country air filling your lungs. The farmer cutting hay, the little hardware store that still has the bell that rings when you walk through the door. The local café with the three old timers in rocking chairs out front waitin’ to greet you. This is where the DOWN HOME FAMILY lives.

Living on acreage just outside Nashville TN keeps DOWN HOME’S feet in the dirt and their focus clear. Both Mac and Sharon come from generations of farm families that made their living from the dirt. Their faith and family values are deep-seated in the legacy of families who had to work together to survive. Mac and Sharon’s children, Michael and AnnMarie know what it means to work hard, love their country, respect people around them and most of all, FAITH in God, FAMILY and our FREEDOM are what matters. If you happen to run into DOWN HOME at the local café or on a main stage performing somewhere in the country you’ll immediately feel drawn in by their country ways and DOWN HOME approach to life and music.

DOWN HOME’S ability to flow easily between different musical styles including country, gospel and contemporary make them one of the most versatile groups available. Young and old alike are impacted by DOWN HOME’S music. Not only can each member, hold their own vocally with power and passion but together they possess that full bodied mesmerizing blend that astounds.

DOWN HOME’S commitment to excellence is apparent in everything they do. Working and being friends with the most accomplished musicians and song writers in Nashville does a lot to reach that goal. Lonnie Wilson, J.T. Corenflos, Scotty Sanders, Jimmy Carter, Biff Watson and Jim “Moose” Brown round out the the DOWN HOME style and sound. Between these talented men they have played on over 1000 “NUMBER 1” songs. 

Audiences across the country are responding in a huge way to DOWN HOME’s unique down to earth music and approach. Writing, co-writing and with the cooperation of some of the music industry’s top song writers, Doc Holliday, Karen Staley, Christy Sutherland,Edward Hill, Lee Black, Don Poythress, JP Williams, Sue Smith, These song writers have written hits for Artists like The Isaacs, Reba McEntire, Faith Hill, Martina McBride, Michael English, George Strait, Randy Travis, Bill Gaither, Ricky Skaggs, Easter’s, John Anderson, Lee Brice, Tracy Lawrence, Lee Ann Wolmack, Clay Walker, Kenny G, Oak Ridge Boys and many more.

“It has been amazing to see this incredible music come to life.  Simplifying whats most import in this life, wrapping it in music and delivering that truth with powerful passion.” FAITH, FAMILY and FREEDOM is what DOWN HOME is all about. Thats our message…. it’s country boy simple”.

“So don’t worry if there’s mud on your boots, we understand. If life has done a number on you and knocked you down, it’s knocked us down too. If you need a ride down a country road to breathe and take in that clean fresh air, Climb in !! Let’s go!! That gravel road is calling our name’s and while we ride let’s remember the things that really matter. We’ll be glad we did”.


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