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There’s something about the country that brings a natural calm to the crazy of life. Rolling down a gravel road with the windows down, clean country air filling your lungs. The farmer cutting hay, the little hardware store that still has the bell that rings when you walk through the door. The local café with the three old timers in rocking chairs out front waitin’ to greet you. This is where the DOWN HOME FAMILY lives.

Living on acreage just outside Nashville TN keeps DOWN HOME’S feet in the dirt and their focus clear. Both Mac and Sharon come from generations of farm families that made their living from the dirt. Their faith and family values are deep-seated in the legacy of families who had to work together to survive. Mac and Sharon’s children, Michael and AnnMarie know what it means to work hard, love their country, respect people around them and most of all, FAITH in GOD, FAMILY and FREEDOM are what matters. If you happen to run into DOWN HOME at the local café or on a main stage performing somewhere in the country you’ll immediately feel drawn in by their country ways and DOWN HOME approach to life and music. 

“We were born out of mud and were not going to leave this life without mud on our boots”    Mac McEwyn

Band Members

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Singer / Bass / Percussion
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Singer / Mandolin
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Lead Singer / Guitars
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Singer / Guitars / Percussion

DOWN HOME Music…  meaningful lyrics woven between the familiar sounds of country and gospel music

  1. First Time for Everything 1:38
  2. Stones Down Home 1:03
  3. Brand New Day Down Home 1:27
  4. Real as I Believe Down Home 1:25
  5. Come On - Down Home Down Home 1:48
  6. All You Ask of Me Down Home 1:46


DOWN HOME delivers memorable lyrics about true to life events. Faith, Family, Freedom, are just a few. The bands lyrics rotate in full color, emotions connect, harmonies meld and melodies soar. As you find your way, you begin to sing along even though you’ve never heard the song before.

DOWN HOME  drives you to a moment in time where the road between Faith and Life converge. When the dust settles you’re pointed in the direction that leads to Hope. Traveling down the melodic gravel road with this band is worth the ride.

Show Dates

April 30, 2017 GALLUP, NEW MEXICO — Concert Hall
May 3, 2017 HEREFORD, Texas — Concert Hall
May 5, 2017 GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS — Concert Hall
May 7, 2017 FORT WORTH, TEXAS — Concert Hall

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DOWN HOME’S sound is a commanding and infectious one, modern in feel, while reminiscing back to the earlier days of strong lyrics and powerful melodies that are embedded in their musical DNA.Concert Promoter |

DOWN HOME doesn’t just sing the songs; they embody them, living them out on the stage, delivering a three-dimensional visual of their music in the most powerful way.Concert Attendee |

DOWN HOME’S lyrics rotate in full color, emotions connect, harmonies meld and melodies soar.Concert Promoter |

Ok y’all, we had the DOWN HOME Band here last night. They were awesome. Truly some of the most moving, touching, and powerful music I have ever heard.Concert Host |

I have worked music industry with the best of the best and have promoted concerts for over 22 years. DOWN HOME… BRINGS IT!!Concert Promoter / West Coast |

DOWN HOME wraps gutsy, passionate vocals around razor-sharp lyrics and sparkling melodies.Newspaper |

DOWN HOME’S music connects in a multi generational way. Great for the whole family. Powerful uplifting music that truily connects with peopleCountry Radio |

We have seen DOWN HOME in concert a number of times and every time it’s off the charts great.Concert Attendee |

DOWN HOME presents a powerful professional concert experience utilizing excellent music, humor, crowd interaction and good old country common sense. The impact on the audience was visible.Concert Promoter / Northwest |

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These young lovebirds managed to find some time between shows to share a milkshake at the local diner.…
about 11 hours ago | @mcewyn

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